To celebrate this very special season, we are accepting submissions of poetry, short stories, and flash fiction about the holiday season, or taking place around the time of Christmas. 

Submission Guidelines:
-Must be about/ taking place around Christmas
-Short Stories up to 5,000 words max. 
-Flash fiction up to 1,000 words
-Poems up to 1 page 

**Entry fee: $1** 

SUBMIT by completing the form below. A confirmation will be sent to your email when your submission is received. 

The winner will receive:
-A feature in the highlights section of the website
-A leather journal engraved "Writers Network"
-$50 USD 

Scoring Chart:
Emotion: 1-5 
Writing: 1-5 
Relevance to Christmas/ the holiday season: 1-5


Contest Ends on December 23rd  

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Thanks for submitting!